Your album is a transcendent sonic waterfall that flows circularly through my body. So beautiful.
~ Ivan Landau
K’khana is my favorite song of all time. Every time I hear it it makes me melt. Your angelic voice brings me back to source. It is the anima, all that is good with a nurturing, heavenly overtone. Thank you!
~Jesse Noe-Visionary Graphic Designer. Los Angeles
The entire album is a journey and a transmission…
~Heart Kandi
Your music is a blessing… Thank you for bringing it through!
~ Elizabeth Bast
Rigzin, your soulful music really inspires and touches my heart. I include tracks of it in my Yoga playlist whenever I teach class. Keep on being beautiful.
~Nina Yau
To me Rigzin is some higher octave of human evolution. I can feel the love just pouring out of her.
~Charles, Detroit
I absolutely love you music!! Like perfection to my ears, and so soothing for my soul
~Nikki Shattah
Hello! I have been listening to your music non-stop. I am in love. Music that feels like truth.
~Christee Thoman
It is so beautiful. i play it all the time because it brings such peace to my home. and it is the most beautiful prayer i have ever heard. Thank you so very much Rigzin. Not only for me but for putting such awesome vibrations and energy into the world.
~Steven Trinity
Union has quickly become my go to music when I am needing to feel grounded and at one with my surroundings. Thank you for your musical vision.
~Allison Murphy
I discovered your beautiful music this week in a giant transition of my life, and your art has made it so much more bearable. Thank you lovely lady. xo.
~London Elise
Your music will now be a fixture in our home. We love it! Thank you so much
~Courtney Gedney
A dear friend shared your music with me last night. He saw you play at LIB. You are amazing. First thing on my list of things to do this morning is download your music. EVEN BEFORE COFFEE. Thank you for the gifts you bring the the planet. Namaste.
~Zoe Korstvedt
I just remembered I used to play your album Union in my workshop while my resin was curing so that it would solidify in a most sacred form. Your words are petrified in my healing orgonite devices. True story ♥
~Christopher Bonzani
Thank you so much for your amazing, soul reaching album! Your gifts are SO appreciated.
~Jessica Abelson
Aloha! I cant wait to hear your new album with Human Experience. The tracks you once recorded with Random Rab are seriously in my top 10 of goddess singers of all times. Many Blessings.
~Maia Balam